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Kellersaison 2012
Posted by barry on 2012-04-13 01:04:44
Thanks Jan - just looking at the Zoigl am alten Rathaus. All seemed great but then I saw that the zoigl was from Wolframstub'n Windisch! Trebgast looks good, could fit that in with Marktredwitz, as I must change trains there. The info re Neuhaus in Beer Guide is a bit confusing. It lists Kaiser-Brau and suggests that they brew for the Kommunbrauerei and doesn't mention the Kommunbrauerei taps. Can you clarify? Are Amberg and Sulzbach close together, as they are served by different rail lines? Also, do you recomend Egronet because you think it is cheaper for 1 person? Don't forget that Jacqueline will be with me - I hope! Otherwise, Bayern-takt is cheaper for 2.
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