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Kellersaison 2012
Posted by TreinJan on 2012-04-13 04:19:52
I only mentioned Egronet to make clear which places are within the region of validity. You are right about the cost, for two it is a few euro's cheaper to use a Bayern ticket (or a Bayern-Böhmen ticket for trips into Czech territory). About Neuhaus/Pegnitz: there are two breweries in Neuhaus, Kaiser and the former Falkenloch, now the Kommunbrauerei. The beer can be had at one of the three outlets, they pour until the barrels are empty, then the next one takes his turn. The three Kommun-Wirtshäuser are Hombauer (Fam. Reindl, Unterer Markt 3), Prunhuber (Fam. Benaburger, Unterer Markt 17) and Schaffer (Fam. Döth, Burgstrasse 4). Amberg and Sulzbach-R. are on the same railway line: Nürnberg - Schwandorf!
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