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VGN Bamberg
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2012-08-09 03:32:54
Two possipilities: - TagesTicket Plus (1-6 Pers., max. 2 adults) 7,30 Euro - Bamberg Card 12,00 per person, but for 3 days. You have to write your name on the ticket. Depending on the question how often You will use the bus, it is possible that it is cheaper to buy a 4-er Karte Erwachsener for 4,80 (4,70 Euro at the ticket machines) One person can take a bus four times. You have to devalue this ticket after entering the bus. If You change the bus line it isn't necessary to devalue again. With both cards (TagesTicket Plus and Bamberg Card) it isn't allowed to drive to the surrounding villages (Bischberg, Gundelsheim, Hallstadt, Memmelsdorf einschl. Schammelsdorf, Stegaurach) which You can reach with the city buses. For such targets You have to pay more (You need a ticket for the so-called Zone 2, avaiable from the bus driver). If You rest longer in Bamberg, the best solution can be the so-called "Bamberger Einkaufskarte". You have to pay 21,50 Euro (20,50 at the ticket machines) for the City or 40,00 Euro including Zone 2. There is a restriction: It isn't allowed to use buses before 9 a.m. The reason is that the bus enterprise want more money for all employees who need a bus for the way to work. You can buy tickets on the Servicezentraum ZOB (central bus station) in Bamberg. There isn't a ticket counter in the near of the railway station. But You can find two ticket machines at the bus tops before the railway station. Maybe You have other tickets (of the Bahn/railway) which allow to use the city buses for free: – Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket – Bayern-Ticket, Bayern-Ticket Single, Bayern-Ticket Nacht – Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket, Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket Single – Fahrkarten mit dem Aufdruck „Bamberg + City“ zur einfachen Fahrt in Tarifzone Bamberg (1100) – BahnCard 100 zur Fahrt in Tarifzone Bamberg (1100) If You have a ticket for the "Landesgartenschau" You can use the buses also for free.
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