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VGN Bamberg
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-09 23:13:40
Looking again at your post, you can study the bewilderingly complicated VGN zone plan < > if you really want to understand this. Might make your eyes bleed though, so use it sparingly. Forchheim lies in zone 440. Bus 265 runs from 440 through 460, 465 and then to 370. You can see the main stops lie in sub-zones(?) 461, 462, 463, 464, and 371. The complexity MUST serve SOME purpose. At any rate, one Preisstufe per main zone AFAIK, so for this trip, 4. With a Zeitkarte, it's quite a bit cheaper per day than a TagesTicketPlus. If you think you'll spend more than 3 days running out in that direction within a week, get a 7-day Mobikarte. It would also be valid within Forchheim and to Eggolsheim...on the bus though, not the train AFAIK. Bus 266 will take you to the Schwarzes Kreuz Keller FWIW. Apparently also with the same Mobikarte.
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