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VGN Bamberg
Posted by barry on 2012-08-10 01:22:01
The Bamberger buses work in the same way as most of the other city buses in the VGN. Ansbach, Bayreuth, Erlangen, Forchheim, Neumarkt, Roth and Schwbach are all classed as 'K' zone, and a 31-tage karten 9-uhr-MobiCard costs €32.70. U think we will buy one of these because, as you know, the fewo is 2.5k from town and much the same from the kellerwald, schwimbad, etc. Much as we like walking, trekking up and down city streets in hot weather is not so enjoyable. The equivalent card that would allow to get to Hallerndorf, for example, would be a 3+T/4+T, which would cost €61.40 and I'm not sure that would be worthwhile, especially if we can simply pay the extra when we travel outside zone K. Perhaps you might take a look at the leaflet 'Tarifinformation Gesamtraum' (available on the VGN website) and confirm that I have got these things correct. Then, perhaps, you might contemplate earning a little extra by running classes on 'The VGN for Foreigh Visitors' or offering your services to the VGN to do a proper English translation of their website. Keep you busy in the winter months when the kellers are closed!