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Weissbiers in Franconia?
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-18 00:33:51
I'm also not a Weizen drinker (too "sweet" in effect for me for more than once in a great while), but I don't know of a better one than the outstanding Gutmann. They also make a very good dunkles Weizenbier. And their winter Weizenbock. Rittmayer in Hallerndorf also apparently brew one for a few breweries around that part of the country. Had it at Roppelt's Keller (the glass says Roppelt, but Franz Roppelt says he gets it at Rittmayer) and it's pretty good. AFA whether anyone does a good one goes, I'd say they're all at least competent, though Kitzmann is very sweet and a bit bland, and Tucher is a bit bland to me, on the order of Erdinger or Weihenstephan, or at least one or the other of those I recall as being quite boring compared to others, but it's been probably a decade since I've bothered with them.
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