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Weissbiers in Franconia?
Posted by DonS on 2012-08-18 08:14:26
Gutmann makes decent stuff - I believe they also used to make lagers, as I had a fine Gutmann Märzen beer at the brewery's Bräustüberl many years ago - but doesn't really count as a Franconian brewer, as Titting is over the "border" in Oberbayern. The bigger Franconian brewers do tend to make their wheat beers on the lighter, sweeter side, with the possible exception of Bayreuth's Maisel; Maisel's dark wheat beer has a pleasant savory note and isn't too cloying. Erdinger's (again, Oberbayern) wheat beer is an odd one out in Bavarian brewing; they use a yeast that throws off far less esters and phenols than typical for the region, and almost reminds me more of American-style wheat ales. Farther afield, in Niederbayern, Andorfer in Passau's suburban village of Ries still is a personal favorite among wheat beers, but that one's not to be found in wide distribution. Another old favorite, the Gmeineder wheat beer south of Munich, is no longer with us. The family still runs its guesthouse-hotel, but they shut down the brewery almost three years ago, ending 110 years of brewing there.
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