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Servus! (...forgotten point about cars...)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-01-30 03:25:25
I forgot to finish my point with the 2001 it for a steal (you can get great old cars CHEAP in the SW US!) from the daughter of a retired cop. Had it shipped over, but I failed to learn in advance that Toyota, although they sell Land Cruisers here, never sold the Sequoia. This means that the parts to be ordered in order to bring it from North American to EU codes are a challenge to order. And so it's taking a couple - three weeks for shock absorbers (thanks, German TUEV, for requiring that I replace the front shocks!), lights, and things. It passed the emissions test, at least.

Once I get it back, I believe I shall take off for southern Spain to escape the winter here again. Should be CONSIDERABLY quieter and safer than Nevada.

Also, I started smoking cigarettes and got a head injury, which has worsened my already-bad-enough problem with short-term memory. Not sure I can ever hold a job again, TBH.

My old Twitter account erlangernick...I ditched that in February. Started up a new one in April or so,, but then lost track of the password for it. And so a new one is beer content though--mostly bizarre things about girls, dogs, and meat. 

My old email addresses are similarly unavailable to me at the moment, but the one I used to post here is correct, if you remove a '9' (should be '999'), if anyone should want to hook up. 
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