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Servus!...Thanks all Around!
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-01 04:24:19
Barm...I'd lost track of who you were...sorry. Yes, for the time being. We have lots in storage in Erlangen, which we will be collecting (piecemeal) over the coming months, but otherwise, very probably here in Aachen.

A trip back to Nevada is in the cards in late Sept / early Oct, but otherwise, can't imagine going back. Things have gone downhill over there, and it's more difficult to deal with than it used to be. (See wikipedia for expat repatriation syndrome, what Mrs suggests went partly wrong with me over there. And...just stay away from Vegas!)

I appreciate Jason's points about the UK now, not being home any more. Well, I always did, but now I REALLY do. I guess I was just jealous that he got to get that figured out earlier in life than I did. Then again, Jersey -> Franken isn't quite as far as Oregon -> Franken, but still. We made that move with company support.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

Paul...I saw Old Mudgie bad-mouthing a blog post of yours on Twitter over the Mulletted One's (Timbo) Brexit propaganda mag. Uncalled for, but I reckon you're not too broken up about it! I no longer have any room for Spoonses in my heart, after the way they treated my dog and me in Ramsgate -- it's one thing to just throw us out, ENTIRELY another thing to make up a claim that she BIT a worker! (Of course, when challenged to provide the surveillance video, it changed to "Well she jumped at someone.")

Juergen...touché! Have to exchange Wales stories...still not made it to Scotland. Not sure I will, with the 29th March looming around the corner.

Anyway...will be interesting to see how Kellerbier tastes after 2 years away this summer!

Prost, etc...Nick
               Servus!...Thanks all Around! by AndyH on  2019-02-01 07:58:12