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Servus! (...forgotten point about cars...)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-01-30 06:42:45
Thanks Barry!

One thing that has changed dramatically is telephony. Although we sold the house in June, we are still battling the Deutsche Telekom to do things like change addresses and get them to stop thinking we're still using DSL there. 

Germans do things SO WELL in most ways, but part and parcel with it is the incredible Buerokratie. 

AFA cars go, I went through a 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible (pictured), 2007 Volvo convertible (which I got to drive around whilst the former was being restored--it had sat in a Utah garage for 20 years), 2006 BMW 335i 6-spd convertible (hot rod, tuned by the Bulgarian mechanic I bought it from...burned rubber in 2nd gear), a 2002 745i, a 1999 Ford Expedition jacked up to 7' monster truck (got stolen and then impounded when found by the police, later auctioned off for $750), and the Toyota. 

The Volvo got vandalised beyond repair (total loss), the 335...sadly, hit a curb island whilst distracted and bent the frame, the 745i I gave to a girl I met who still has it but it needs a water pump, and most sadly, the Lincoln also got auctioned off whilst I was distracted.

Anyway, that was the adventure with cars.
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