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Whale watching in Franken???
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-04-29 14:15:27
    Right again Barry, though non-geologist me doesn't know if distinguishing it as a ridge or a hill is appropriate. The root name Walberg would be Wal Hill/Mountain (if over whatever height). Franconian slips it down to Walberla.

It's sort of a twin peaked hill. Lovely views, and yes, I've seen that display about the pre-Celtic sites too. It was also featured on TV some years back. I assume Walberlafest translates to whale watching with Google...?

The Walberlafest goes back to the 14th century, and as such is one of the oldest spring fests in Franken. B & I never went, because we heard it can be a bit wild, out of tradition. At least, that's the word at the Keller in Stiebarlimbach.

A hike uphill, yes, and be ready for drunken fun.

Speaking of the Roppelt's Keller (when aren't we?), did anyone see Gerhard and his wife last year? Like, Barry? If you see them, give them my best.


There is no good Franconian beer in the Uni hospital pulmonary wing in Aachen. I know this, because I've been quarantined there now over 48 hours. Took a ride in a Notarzt Ambulance (remember, people, dial 112, not 999 or 911) to get here Saturday evening, after the bizarro lung infection I caught a few weeks ago got dangerous.

Long story short, either I have TB or something else, but the doctors all think it's something else. A viral infection spread uniformly throughout my lungs. Two days of antibiotics and oxygen seem to be helping. I go in for a bronchioscopy tomorrow, sedated. Never spent more than one day in a hospital before, and that was when I was twelve.

Not amused. The weirdness that is plaguing me since leaving Erlangen continues...only one cute young nurse so far, sadly. And the shall continue to instruct the nutritionist lady on what's wrong with her dietary options as things progress, but she did agree today to get me some more animal foodstuffs in place of the piles of Brot that come with every meal.
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