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Sorry about not having changed the subject line to GERMAN HOSPITAL FOOD
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-04 05:17:55
Anyway, I imagine American tourists landing in hospital in this country would end up with the posh level of service provided by "private" insurance. I wish I could compare with US hospital service, but I've never been in one over night, though I did make it into 4 or 5 between Minneapolis and Las Vegas last year. The first two for being peppersprayed (second time point blank in the eye by a twerpy little security guy working at Twin Peaks, first time outside a strip club in the bad part of Minneapolis...never mind...), the other two or three for middle-of-the-night ER & A&E runs for sand in eyes (desert world problems) and an ear infection (don't EVER let the hot 15 YO Vietnamese daughter of the owner of the nail salon where you're getting your feet done with your girls talk you into that procedure where they suck the ear wax out of your ears with candle wax).