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Whale watching in Franken???
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-04 04:56:10
Thanks Yeastybapmann! Or have I got that mixed up?

Turns out I have no TB, "just" an unidentified "atypical pneumonia" that is "going around."

But when you think the German tradition of "Abendbrot" (evening bread, i.e. cold cuts & bread) for supper takes some getting used to, imagine it with hospital food. 

First, there's the clearing up of the "no bread, thanks, trying to keep fit & healthy" issue, then there's the cold cuts. Were the pigs & cattle & turkeys organically fed, thereby helping out their omega3/6 issues, etc. And then the eggs.

And...a chilled omelette? That's bizarre.