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Frankische Schweiz Tour Friday
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-04-30 07:07:30
Rather than communicating by email or messenger to everyone separately I'm just going to throw out the rough plan here.  I'm happy to say Juergen is joining us so we will have 7 in total.

I'm going to pick up the vehicle at about 9:45-10am.  Barry and Andy if you could meet us at Bamberg bahnhof no later than 10am that would be helpful because from there we can quickly jump on the autobahn and be on our way.

We're scooping up Juergen at the Forchheim station at 2pm so beforehand we'll at least visit Hoffman in Hohenschwaerz and if we feel there is enough time maybe one other place (Lindenbrau or Drummer maybe).  Don't want to rush around though so I'm perfectly happy to stay at Hoffman for an extended visit before getting Juergen.

After getting Juergen we'll move on towards Waischenfeld.  We'll have time for a stop before Heckel opens so maybe Held Brau.  Then Heckel at 16:30 sharp.

No idea how long we'll stay at Heckel but when we do head back towards Forchheim to drop Juergen off maybe we will feel up to visiting another stop such as maybe Alt in Dietzhof for example.  We'll see if Dorothy minds an extra stop or not.  I'm sure she won't mind as long as it's not too late.

Since we've got to drop Juergen off at Forchheim bahnhof Barry and Andy you should just plan on getting off there too and take the train back to where you're going from there.  It will save the missus a step which I'm sure she'll appreciate at that point.

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