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Frankische Schweiz Tour Friday...Well???
Posted by Jason on 2019-05-07 12:48:24
I think we all know what it’s like in Franconia... when you have a good group of people enjoying themselves the beer often takes a back seat. I know we’d all agree on that. The scenery was at times spectacular, the discussions varied and humourful and the atmosphere jovial throughout. 

For sure we talked about the beer, but it wasn’t the main focus. The pubs, the atmospheres and the quirks of drinking in Franken were discussed more.

Appreciate the organization Mark - just the right number of places. We visited 5 breweries in 10 hours and 1 was a bit of a bonus. Long gone are the days of running around like a blue arsed fly - amen to that. 
               Frankische Schweiz Tour Friday...Well??? by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-05-08 02:46:14