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Frankische Schweiz Tour Friday...Well???
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-05-07 04:03:37
It went well, no falls or mishaps. We were lucky to have Dorothy driving us around - thanks a lot Dorff from all of us (see you in Praha Weds). Started in Lindenbrau, which was good - Vollbier if I remember correctly. Then Hofmann, excellent Dunkel for me, as the Maibock too strong but the others liked it. Then a quick rush back to Forchheim to pick up Juergen, then Ott, which was good, before Heckel. Unfortunately, it 20 mins after opening and impossible to get seats. So we bought Seidlas and drank them outside with locals who couldn't get - good fun. Some discussion over strength of beer, tasted a bit stronger than standard Franken 5,2ish. Finally, Alt in Dietzhof. This was my (personal opinion!) only disappointing beer - far too fizzy. Our travelling expert (Andy) suggested it may have been too young and I'm not going to argue. However, it wasn't undrinkable , just not quite as good as the others. Due to an hour's wait in Bamberg for train, I nipped down to Faessla for a quick Lager. All in all, a great day, with friends Beth and Jason, Mark and Dorothy, Juergen and Andy. Shows what can be done with a bit of organisation. Thanks Mark.
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