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OT: Munich
Posted by Jason on 2019-05-17 07:54:19
Agreed. Sorry Barry, with due respect, sometimes you take your opinion (which is fine) and proport it as gospel (which it isn’t). Munich isn’t Franken(no on said it was) but it’s an interesting city (yes, some people believe that) and it has a big beer tradition. Ok, if you don’t like Augustiner or craft beer it’s probably a bit ordinary. I have spent many an enjoyable hour in the Augustiner Keller and enjoyed it as much as any Bier Keller in Franconia. Even drinking a späten beer by the river has been thoroughly enjoyable. 

This evening in Ulm I shall be visiting a pub that has Augustiner helles tapped from the wood at 18.30. How many Franken breweries do that? Top of my head, 1. And I will enjoy the 2 beers I have before I drive back to Bamberg later. And there will be no butter, that I can be sure of. 

No need to make a big thing of this. Just ignore the post if you don’t want to get involved ;) 
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