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OT: Weisswurst...
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-18 10:23:53
Well don't forget to get a standing one in the HBf if you have time. Watch the hustle and bustle and soak in the Weisswurstkultur and/or Bahnhofkultur.

Now I remember...the stereotype of fast food being SUCH an American thing...well, yes, certain fast food things were invented in the US. But Germans have long had the tradition of the "Stehcaf√©", the standing caf√©, where you get something quick and don't even sit down to eat it. 

Heck, the Doener wrapped up in Fladenbrot or pita is a German innovation, going back to two Doener shops in Berlin who fight over who came up with the idea first. One guy said they saw how busy the Germans were, eating sandwiches and what-not on the go, that he thought maybe they could be enticed into Doener by offering it as a wrap.

I've heard that this Germanicism has now infiltrated Turkey to some extent...guess we should feel bad about that. 

The thing with coffee & cake at the Bierkeller being a new is having warm food. So is having toilets. 

Meh...not sure where I'm going with this. Nowhere fast.
                                     OT: Weisswurst... by AndyH on  2019-05-20 02:34:44