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OT: Munich...Butter?
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-18 02:44:44
Two Seidla(s) hopefully, not two Mass(es)!

No butter? Love butter. Mom bought us margarine when we were young, as it was cheaper than butter. Now...ick. And now we know it's worse for you than butter is...which is actually GOOD for you. All the re-learning of nutritional knowledge we who grew up in the Shadow of Eisenhower's Heart Attack have to go through...never mind.

( mean butterscotch, as in diacytel in the beer?)

I have mixed feelings about Munich. Was our first ever German destination, back before I knew about Kellerbier or Rauchbier, back when I would pour two cans of Henninger (from Trader Joe's) into a litre Glaskrug and pretend our backyard garden in Orygun was a Biergarten. Spaten was a luxury. (That Glaskrug went on to be used for sparging.)

We landed at 8 or 9 in the morning, and were sat in the Viktualienmarkt by 11 or 12, in time to still partake of Weisswurst mit Senf and Spaten. Fabulous way to fight jetlag. Over the years though, I lost my appetite for the place, mostly because of the cost and crush of tourists.

Like I did for Bamberg much later!
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