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OT: Prague
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-05-23 07:52:34
Nice report.  It certainly is a beer wonderland and as you pointed out with a great public transportation system to help get you there.

Dva Kohouti did remind my of the layout of many new breweries with tap rooms here in the US.  Very industrial setting but I suppose that is to be expected as it's more affordable to setup in such locations I'm sure.  I thought their beer was pretty good but not up to the standards of Uneticke and Hostomice or Vinohradsky Pivovar for that matter.  Still nice to see new breweries brewing traditional styles to offset all the IPAs.

Napalme is now officially one of my favorite pubs in Prague.

Speaking of hockey .... my team the Boston Bruins (who on monday begin the final series against St. Louis for the Stanley Cup championship) have a player on the roster (David Pasternak) who is from the Czech Republic and apparently quite well known judging from the number of compliments I got on my Bruins jersey from locals while walking around Prague.  Note to self: always bring Bruins apparel when in Prague.  He is the teams best goal scorer btw.

We enjoyed hanging out with you there.  See you soon hopefully.
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