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OT: Prague
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-26 01:15:45
The very best commercially-brewed American-style "IPA" I have ever had on the continent was at the one proper old pub (well, sort of proper, except they had multiple beers on tap including a couple of IPAs) there in Prague back in autumn 2015. It was pale, clean, dry, bitter, around 6%.

I remember trying Andy's bottom-fermented IPA at Abseits thanks. Lager is already dry enough, and something just doesn't go right when making it really hoppy like that.

Otherwise, Jason's post above seems to be very agreeable. The one Czech restaurant in Erlangen was, sadly, a restaurant and not a pub, so not great for going and enjoying a few Seidla(s) of big-name Czech beer, and the food...why bother when it's just blander versions of Franconian starch, pork, and carp? I totally get craving Czech beer in Franken. All the Pilsner Urquell we used to burn through at home...