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OT: Prague
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-05-23 13:03:43
I always try to buy a Svetly Lezak or a Cerny.  I can't imagine being in Franken and drinking an IPA but I'm know that it's possible.  Doesn't Andi brew some bottom fermented versions, which will probably be pretty good but they're not what I want to drink?  Likewise, I don't drink Franken beers in Colwyn Bay (chance'd be a fine thing), though I have been known to drink the odd bottle of Urquell (Jason holding up a cross before me) and Duvel.

In our conversation with the Russian brewer (I think that he's from Beergeek but Fred will confirm), he mentioned that raw materials in Czechia (i.e. malt and hops) were fairly cheap.  So I asked why the new brewers were charging so much for ales that didn't require extensive lagering.  As far as I can remember and understand, the answer was basically that you charge what you can get.   

I hope that you won't be disappointed with Napalme, when you get there, Jason.  It's a bit basic and quirky but genuine, friendly and I've never had a bad glass of Uneticke. I also like Jamayka, Pivo Gallerie and Indigo, all for different reasons.  And, of course, Nalevarna and Hrocha (for the atmopshere) and ... etc., etc.  I know that some people find it incomprehensible but I'm a pub afficanado as well as a beer lover - though I wouldn't drink in a nice pub that had bad beer.
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