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British Faults
Posted by Jason on 2019-08-22 05:29:40
Nice musings Barry, but I'm not really sure I get your point(s). I for one do not believe that the cultures of the UK, Australia, Canada or the USA are interlinked. I'm sure some of the US residents here would call out the differences between Cities, Counties and States as being numerous, nevermind the whole country - lumping it together when you have barely been there, nevermind traversed it's length and bredth, is a little loose, as far as an opinion goes.

In the same way, your experiences of 'visiting' (key, key word) other countries/cities such as Germany and Prague are not indicative of actually moving your life there, nor is comparing to moving to Ireland or Wales, though I completely accept it could be more challenging than one might think. In fact it shows a total misunderstanding of the importance of language and deep human contact, especially at a relatively young age. For one, you wouldn't be able to have such a conversation that you had in your local the other day here. It's different coming to franken for 10 days and muddling through, knowing you'll be going home to your 'local' after. The fact that you combine your visits with other visitors is understandable, but also shows how important it is to have that companionship - you're rarely on your own here. People speak to you in these villages and in Bamberg, maybe in English, because you're exoctic at that time. I had that too. But then they stop, because you aren't exotic anymore when you live here and speaking in a foreign language is tiring, frustrating and only goes so far (even if they're good). So you'll be left alone. 

Essentially, you dismissed the opinions of 3 people who live in Germany and have a combined first hand experience of, what, over 30 years? On the basis that you holiday here occasionally (key word not being occasionally, but holiday). I holidayed here as well, and I found everyone very friendly, and I still do, to a point. But after a time, you start to notice things. You haven't - does that mean they aren't there? Most things that happen around you on holiday are lost - it doesn't slap you in the face, it's subtle, that's why it takes time for these things to reveal. Just saying "I can live there" is not the same as actually living there, believe it or not. It's not a worthless statement, I like Prague too, but I don't overestimate that thought as being the same thing. 

I'm sorry if my opinions are strong, but to be honest your dismissal of people's first hand experiences is irritating. 
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