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Touring Britain on the Cheap (was: British Faults)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-08-30 01:02:29
Been doing the "cold shower" thing currently making the rounds in health & fitness circles, so it might not be so bad. Does it really get you clean though, is the question. Get a cheap room every few days to shower properly could also work. 

As I'm off beer/alcohol and fibrous foodstuffs, the issue of terlet usage isn't as critical as it used to be.

Barry has said privately that wild camping (new term to me, but then Mrs & I have only done "Luxuscamping" as they call it down here, in a massive Buerstner Wohnmobil a couple of times) is illegal in England, but that I should just park on a city street. Does that mean wild camping within a township is OK?

I know that one can get permission from a property owner (like, a publican) to use their property. 

Either way, I'm not really worried. British cops, compared to where I'm from...tender, delicate flowers, they are. Don't want to rack up expensive tickets though.