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Touring Britain on the Cheap (was: British Faults)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-08-28 07:12:11
I'm also perhaps unusual as an American in that I lived in Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, Houston TX, and then suburban Minneapolis by the age of 9. Whereas most people (I think) tend live in one place from childhood on through young adulthood, I had to make friends and be the outsider (get picked on) over and over again. Poor me.

My family heritage is Minnesotan, which is decidedly Germanic/Irish/Scandinavian and not all that different to North Dakotan. And yes, my first visits to England after we'd been living in Germany for a year or two found me feeling more like a foreigner there than in Germany. 

The one huge glaring difference is queueing up. The British approach is much more American, I think. Germans are surprisingly bad at it, like when a second register opens up in the supermarket -- people from the back of the line at the one will run to get to the front of the newly opened one. Chaos when boarding the bus, etc. The Briton will form a queue of one, or something, right?

Anyway...I"m looking at a return to Britain for a while at the end of September before returning to the US. Anyone have any tips on finding REALLY cheap accommodation or car hire? Camper van hire? I'm toying with the idea of travelling around in a van with doggy, bathing in the sea rather than showering, all that sort of thing. Rugged. Grilling outdoors or cooking on the stove in the van rather than pub grub.

Any tips would be welcome!

Will be interesting to see if I stay off the beer there. It's not an issue in Aachen now.

Actually, they have Bitburger alc-free vom Fass (keg, not Holzfass!) at the local tavern. It's surprisingly...drinkable. 
                           Touring Britain on the Cheap (was: British Faults) by Barm on  2019-08-29 03:06:07
                             Touring Britain on the Cheap (was: British Faults) by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-08-30 01:02:29