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Annafest and Canalissimo 2019
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-08-16 12:46:07
Annafest was a great time as it has always been for me.  We had a fairly good size group of about 10-11 people and Annafest is perfect for that.  No trouble finding seats.  Easy to get to and from and no admission price as always.  We were there on the 1st Saturday so naturally it did get crowded as it got into the evening, especially at the kellers at the bottom of the hill and we left at about 9:30-10pm once we got fed up with that.  But still the atmosphere for most of it was great.

We started out at the top at Neder keller.  Their festbier was good as it usually is.  Then to the Hoffman keller for a Greif.  Very bland.  Eichhorn keller was next and their festbier kicked up a notch and was very good.  Next was Hebendanz which we all agreed was the best festbier that we had that day.  But we all also enjoyed the beer from Schanzenbrau.  Not brewed specifically for Annafest.  It was their Rotbier but it was a nice departure from the festbiers and you could get a seidla instead of a mass if you wanted.  Never did get to have a Loewenbrau from Buttenheim as we decided to bail out after the crowds got too big.  

In conclusion ... Annafest hasn't changed thankfully.  It's still a great time.  Don't let the beer prices ruin it.  It's worth the few extra euros spent over the course of the day.

Canalissimo on the other hand ....  well now the entrances are controlled and limited and there is a 3 euro admission fee which I guess is to pay for various things like the shitty bands they have playing.  I think the event has shrunk a bit and just doesn't appeal to me as much as I thought it did from the first year I went.  Breweries there were Hummel with their nice kellerbier from the barrel.  Knoblauch, Sonne from Bischberg, Moenchsambacher (from keg), and a couple of others.  Just meh.  I wouldn't ever plan a future trip around it.  Admittedly part of the problem is that the days we went we were in the middle of a nasty heat wave so that didn't help.  Metzgerbrau was there the first time I went and they weren't this time.  That also didn't help.

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