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Annafest and Canalissimo 2019
Posted by Jason on 2019-08-17 07:51:49
Just a note on Canalissimo: there is a nasty resident in the area who will stop at nothing to get the event cancelled. Unfortunately (in this case, of course in other examples it’s more benign) in Germany 1 person has a lot of power. Rather than just taking a holiday, this person has (I understand) been in constant contact with the authorities (perhaps via a lawyer) to trip up the festival organizers in any way possible. One is safety and crowd control. Hence the artificial bridge and now the control of numbers at the entrances. The 3€ covers the extra costs. I’m sympathetic, but I agree that it has lost something as a result and the beer selection isn’t too exciting. I’m pretty sure the turnout was lower this year, but it was hot. Maybe Gerhard is more in the know about this. 

Completely agree re Annafest. I’m weary of hearing people going on about crowds. It’s a big event and is for all, families, groups of guys and girls, young and old. And they all have a right to party as they see fit. And as for the prices, it’s once a year, the beer is strong and there’s a great atmosphere. If it helps boost the profits for local breweries I don’t begrudge it, beer is too cheap here anyway. 
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