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Annafest and Canalissimo 2019
Posted by Barm on 2019-08-19 05:24:27
I was about to post this in response:
“That is what I was thinking of really. Of course beer is much more expensive generally in Munich, and the Oktoberfest is notorious for being extortionate – but even then a Maß at the Wiesn does not cost nearly twice what you would pay elsewhere in Munich.”

Well, that’s what I thought – but it turns out you can get a Maß of Augustiner Helles at the
Augustiner-Stuben for 5,60 compared to 11,80 for Festbier at the Wiesn. That's 110% more. If we compare it to the Annafest mark-up (9 EUR ÷ 5,20 EUR) which works out at +73%, it is even more expensive. 

On the other hand, a Maß of Helles at the Hofbräuhaus is 9,20, so a Wiesn-Maß  is only +28% more expensive than that.

So it really does depend where you drink. I am sure there are plenty of bars in Munich that are charging way more than the equivalent of Oktoberfest prices without anyone complaining!

(Yes I know Festbier is stronger than Helles and I'm not comparing like with like)
             Annafest and Canalissimo 2019 by AndyH on  2019-08-21 02:28:01