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Franconian Dunkel
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-04 01:07:23
I’m guessing Franconian Dunkel refers to those mainly brewed in the fränkischer Schweiz region to the east of bamberg. They are more amber in colour and have good bitterness. The best examples, Meister, Held Brau, Penning Zeisler, Gradl, Stöckel etc. 

Thre aren’t really any in Bamberg, certainly not in this style. Fässla do a dark lager but it’s more on the sweet side. Keesmann probably come closest with their Sternla lager. Eichhorn in doerfleins make by far the best, but it’s more in the Czech style, sweeter, darker and richer. 

Unfortunately, many of the breweries in the Fränkischer Schweiz are quite hard to reach by public transport.
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