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Franconian Dunkel
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-09-04 14:42:22
Ebing yes, Ebensfeld? Not sure what beer you are referring to John. The only place that I know where it's easy to get Ebensfelder beer vom Fass is Engelhardt's Keller (normal summer hours, of course) and only Kellerbier, nice but not a Dunkel. Your post reminds me that Hellmuth in Wiesen brew an excellent Dunkel (called Hanna Maerzenbier on their website). Reblitz brew an occasional Raeucherla and Trunk brew a Dunkel (Nothelfer). These off the top of my head.
             Franconian Dunkel by JohnRatcliffe on  2019-09-05 09:12:23
               Franconian Dunkel by Barry Taylor on  2019-09-06 01:55:57
                 Franconian Dunkel by Jason on  2019-09-06 11:52:09
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