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Franconian Dunkel
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-04 04:59:51
Just to add: many of these beers are called Altfraenkisches Vollbier or Dunkles Lagerbier or something similar. Without going too deep into German grammar, the word Dunkles is an adjective i.e. dark (the ending depends on the noun - das bier therefore -es). A Dunkel is a specific style of beer (with nuances). Therefore it could be that you ask for a Dunkel and they'll say they don't have one. But they'll have a dunkles, with either Vollbier or Lager as the noun. It's the same with Helles - it's an adjective and a style. If you ask for a helles in Franken you're likely to get a pale beer but very unlikely that it's a Helles (in the Munich style). 

If you ask for "ein bier" anywhere you will get the house beer, even if they have a few on draft. And most of the places in the Fraekischer Schweiz only have 1 draft beer anyway. 
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