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New Opening Times at Roppelt in Stiebarlimbach, Prices
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-09-22 02:08:09
Made it to the Keller yesterday, Saturday, and it was ridiculously full. None of my old acquaintences/friends/whatever were there except Felix and his woman whose name escapes me. Doubt any of you knows Felix.


Felix says it has to do with personnel issues, but I wonder if it simply isn't such a sh!ttery (as the German expression goes) on Sundays now that it's not worth it to them. I only saw Franz Roppelt once, before hearing about the new Ruhetag, so couldn't ask him about it.

No idea if this will translate to the Gaststaette when the Keller is closed. 

Also, Bockbierfest on 26th Oct.

Had a Schaeuferla, Haxe, and pair of Wurst on a plate for my lunch/supper. Meh. Pretty cheap though, 13.60 EUR for all that, no nasty Kloss, Brot, or Sauerkraut. Beer is up to 4.70E/Mass. Seidla 2.40E IIRC, which I'm sure will set the Britons off.

Was nice to catch up with Felix. He's now battling cancer. Was intrigued by a meat-based way of eating. 
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