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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-09-23 06:22:31
Back to Roppelt's. wow!  Not sure what >0 means in this case - thought it meant 0, if so, what's the point? 

From my experience, every country charges more for half of beer than a full measure; I remember that it used to irk me in Ireland but, as my landlord friend told me, his costs were not just the liquid in the glass but all the ancilliary items as well, so I suppose that it's fair enough.  I've just been in Prague with my friend Ludwig from Eschawo and he tends to drink in quarter litres and they do cost proportionally more than half litres.  But the prices are low enough that it hardly matters. 

Talking of which, I am now the proud possesor of a Zoigl Erleben Tag poster and leaflet!
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