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Posted by Barm on 2019-09-26 04:20:09
I haven't even started yet! How dare customers expect to use the pub's electric lights for nothing? It's just stealing, that's all it is. You should have to put a coin in the meter on your table before you get to see.

Really, I have every sympathy with publicans trying to operate on tight margins when they express resentment about the cost of things that they feel obliged to do at zero charge. I just don't think acting like Scrooge is the answer.

I go to pubs because they make me feel welcome and relaxed. If I'm made to feel like a cash cow and nickel-and-dimed at every opportunity, the pub is shooting itself in the foot.

There is one exception. I would be very happy if pubs could figure out some way of charging customers for music on a no-pay, no-hear basis, then I wouldn't have to listen to the bar staff's shitty choice of tunes.
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