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Posted by Jason on 2019-12-10 05:53:56
Pretty sure Loewenbraeu in Buttenheim has one they don't use (I understand, though not sure) and I assume St Georgen would've had one as well as they are both 'tower' breweries. Maybe they still do. I'm sure the Kommunbrauhaus in Eslarn has a kuehlschiff, as do those in Neuhaus and Windisheschenbach. Eichhofen has a kuehlschiff I recall. As does Holzhauser in Igling. Brauerei Mittenwald had one, I recall seeing a picture somewhere, whether it's still in use I'm not sure. 

Franken Braue Riedbach is a beautiful example of a Victorian brewery, red brick and all. They might have a kuehlschiff. What would you do with one, if I might ask? 

I haven't come across a specific word, I imagine it's just an adjective attached to a noun. 
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