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Posted by Mosquit on 2019-12-11 00:30:00
Coolships were used to cool the beer from 100°C (or maybe 95°C) short time after boil, to 45-50°C. In order to add yeast, it has to be cooled even more - in former times, using "shower coolers" (no idea what is the correct English word for it) - basically wort was flowing on the surface of tubes with cold water inside. 

You can see one such cooler nowadays on Wagner/Merkendorf in their garden behind the brewery. There is a short video from czech brewery, showing both coolship and this cooler: 

On top of higher evaporation, there are some other differences:
* when beer cools down, brewer could add post-boil hops (into lower temperature already), which adds some extra aroma. You can't manage the same without the coolship.

* "cold break", i.e. sedimenting some trub in a beer, happens in the lower temperatures (below 80°C and less). Without the coolship, this cold break gets into fermenter as well, which COULD possibly result in some influence on the fermentation process. There are some special methods used in German breweries (called "flotation tank") in order to avoid the missing step even when using modern plate chillers. By the way, I am not aware of any Czech brewery that is using flotation tank.  

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