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Posted by Nor on 2019-12-11 07:48:51
Isn't there by now a pretty wide consensus that the yeast & bacteria present in Lambiek and Flanders Red/Bruin for most parts resides in the wood (majorily barrels, even after extensive barrel cleaning or occassionally from evaporation liquid being exposed to structural wood dropping back into the coolship?

Many lambiek stekers also 'inoculate' their barrels with splashes of earlier ferment (similar to wine makers) but rarely publically acknowledge it. At this point I'm pretty confident that the 'environmental yeast' narrative was a created to make a complex more approachable to a interested & general public.

Bockor ie. has a couple of barrels with 'foederbier' that get added to new ferment. Same with Rodenbach.

Lambiek brewers let the wort cool down to further than those ie. traditional german/czech brewers. But the few german brewers (besides the zoigl) I know using coolships also transfer out of the coolship at mid-, low 70c degree temperatures nowadays.
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