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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2021-01-24 01:00:00
It's just the color!

A good explanation:
CaraRed and tthe other names of malts are brands of Weyermann.
Other malthouses have similiar products, p.e. Best Red X from Bestmalz

Rotbier is botom fermented in contrast to Red Ales. Also some belgian beers are red.(belgian red sour).
Rotbiere has been in the hisrtory popular in Hamburg and Nuremberg. Very similar beers has been called Braunbier in Franconia. In the history it was difficult to get an exact color. Today the brerweer can set an exact color, p.e. with Sinamar, a product of Wexermann or he uses exact defined/produced malts.

It is posssible to color each pale beer, p.e. a pils into different colors. You brew p.e. a pils or pale lager, split the volume and make the parts to a Amber Lasger, aSchwarzbier and a Rotbier. This makes sense, if a brewery wants to offer more different beers in small. Or You use Your flagship lager to separate a small amount of a Rotbier.and get a speciality or "seasonal beer".

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