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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-01-25 05:05:44
Exactly, that's how it should work.  Unfortunately, when yopu're competing with the massive market power of a Tucher, it can be difficult.  Also, it helps to be in a big city.  I can't see the wonderful Gold Ochsenbrauerei, even with their prize-winning brews, achieving the same sort of success - that's if they even wanted to! 

But, it's great to hear that Schanze has been so successful - beer-wise, it was the only good reason to go to Nurnburg, though I've loved the Altstadt and museums, churches, etc., since my first visit in 1968.  One day, I'll get round to digitising some photo's from that visit.  I'm afraid that there's othing to do with beer in the photo's but I did visit the old location of Hutt'n before it went all up-market!
                   Rotbier by Nick B (formerly ErlangerNick on  2021-02-13 07:13:43