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Posted by Jason on 2021-02-24 04:55:04
It's nothing hugely newsworthy, but I met with the manager of klosterbräu at the weekend and we were talking about haisbräubier. He mentioned he had a 15 litre barrel and we could lager it in the brewery. 

So on Friday I will take a trip out to Mönchsambach to fill up the barrel and we will lager it for 3 weeks (I will ask at the brewery how long they recommend, or at least the minimum). Really looking forward to how it tastes, it's one tradition I haven't managed to break into yet for want of suitable lagering space. 

In case anyone isn't familiar, a lot of breweries offer this once/twice or four times a month where people can bring their own barrels and get part lagered beer filled for a small price, 1€ per liter. They then finish off the Lagering at home to suit their taste. 

On klosterbräu, they are refurbishing the place, mainly removing the toilets as you go in on the left and putting in a corridor to the other toilets at the back of the beer hall downstairs. The front ones had stank and been out of use for ages anyway. They are also doing some other work in the Schwemme to make it more accessible. Having seen the progress I would imagine it will take at least another 6-8 weeks.  
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