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Posted by Barry on 2021-02-27 03:19:44
It's intriguing for British ale afficionados as, to the best of my knowledge, we have nothing comparable in these isles - ale not requiring such long maturation (think that's the correct way to put it!).

It got me thinking about Zoigl, with which this process has something in common.  It was fairly standard practice for householders to take the wort from the Kommunbrauhaus and lager it in their own cellars - after all, this is essentially how the Zoigl tradition started before it got a bit commericlaised with the establishment of Zoiglstub'n.  I'm not sure about the other Zoigl towns but, in Eschawo, it's now only done in Neuhaus (and I'm not sure whether there is anyone currently doing it - must enquire), where many of the houses on the Hauptstrasse have good cellars.  I've actually been in one house cellar and sampled the beer there - it was excellent!

All this is a roundabout way of asking whether anything similar is/was done in Franken - i.e. is/was it possible to go to a brewery, buy wort, in the manner that Jason so well describes with unmatured lager, take it home and add the yeast and, thus, complete the whole process?  I suppose one would have to have to have a ready supply of suitable yeast, which might not be so easy?
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