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Franken Bräu insolvent
Posted by Robbie on 2021-05-11 12:21:33
I recall one time the waitress in the Wilde Rose told me the house beer was made by Franken Bräu. I thought it was very nice both there and at the Wilde-Rose-Keller. I understand it’s Kaiser who brew it now.
     Franken Bräu insolvent by Jason  on  2021-05-12 01:45:52
       Franken Bräu insolvent by Jason  on  2021-05-12 01:50:32
         was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung by B N on  2021-05-12 05:41:07
           was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung by Barry on  2021-05-12 08:31:38
       Franken Bräu insolvent by Robbie on  2021-05-13 00:09:18
         Franken Bräu insolvent by Jason on  2021-05-13 06:04:34
           was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung by Jason on  2021-05-13 06:12:25