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was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung
Posted by Jason on 2021-05-13 06:12:25
Not so much limited capacity, though of course there are restrictions. Main thing to remember is if you are 1 house hold you can sit without a negative test. You can sit with 1 other household to a maximum of 5 people but all need a test or vaccination of proof of recovery. This 'recovered' thing I find a little annoying - if you've managed to get COVID you get rewarded. I get that some would have caught it in innocent situations but I'm not sure that's many of them.

Remember Landkreis Bamberg remains (just) over 100 so no Kellers are open outside of the city. Spezial Keller is opening this weekend (in good weather) and Wilde Rose. I was at Mahr last night where they ha e a covering against the rain. Beer was very average but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

The city is creeping closer to 100 although almost everywhere else it's going down. If it hits 100 everything has to close and it needs to be under 100 fot 5 consecutive  days before reopening can occur. Personally I think it's too low, a city of 73,000 people and around 130 are infected is somewhat ridiculous (and I am relatively cautious).