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Franken Bräu insolvent
Posted by Jason on 2021-05-12 01:50:32
Meant to add but it posted in error; 

The beers at WR have much improved as a result. They have given up the needless and rather annoying tendency to 'hide' where their beer is brewed - the Trunk Weizen is offered openly and they even state on their website where the beer is brewed. 

It shall be my first official Keller visit of the season on Saturday :) 
         was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung by B N on  2021-05-12 05:41:07
           was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung by Barry on  2021-05-12 08:31:38
           was Franken Bräu insolvent, now Kellersaisoneröffnung by Jason on  2021-05-13 06:12:25