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New beers?
Posted by Jason on 2021-06-12 05:22:57
I'm really in no rush. Though I probably should. However during the lockdown when they were selling beer to go a number of people were disregarding the distancing rules etc and had posters up denying the pandemic. Something about it just doesn't appeal to me, so maybe I'll wait for someone else to try it ;) 

Sternla remains safe but unremarkable - nice people though and good pub. I'm also looking forward to Ahornla but I think it'll be in the same vein if I'm honest. You cannot just start brewing in Bamberg and expect the fact that you have a brewery and beer that looks and tastes like beer to be enough. I'm not a lover of the pub/bar either, different clientele from me (which is fine). 

Again, looking forward to hearing others' opinions. Trying to keep an open mind haha. 
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