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New beers?
Posted by David Greenlee on 2021-06-14 07:43:48
From their Getränkekarte, the emphasis is more on Gin than anything else. Two draught beers, both €3.60  accompanied by a long list of gins from all around the world. Another warning sign for me is the term 'Modern food', which usually means small portions at a price which is anything but. Of course I am fully aware I am not the target audience for this kind of establishment but it is more than slightly worrying trend towards 'Craft', which let's not forget, started out in 1980's US as a refreshing alternative to the bland offerings provided by the big named breweries. The brewers of Oberfranken have been honing their craft for centuries and their beers are the soul that lubricates the very lives of their communities. The young up and coming brewers would do well to learn from their forebears and cling on tightly to what made them who they are rather than sell their souls to the high alter of the IPA.
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