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New beers?
Posted by Jason on 2021-06-20 09:21:36
I understand your concerns Dave, and you're right in many ways, but the new bamberg breweries aren't doing craft. And if I'm honest, I would almost prefer they did, because it would show a recognition that they cannot compete with the established breweries and the (general) quality they have. Or at least that they would have to work hard to compete. And that they want to do something different. Because if you want to be a part of the status quo you have to at least be on that level. 

By brewing traditional styles very basically they are ignoring the gulf in class and assuming that their customers will too. And honestly, after living here over 5 years I really don't have a high opinion of the locals' understanding of what good beer is. They have little idea of what they have and cannot understand why many people visit from the UK or the US (for example) - from countries that have lost much of their brewing history. Of course it's been replaced and replenished to a great degree of success, but the traditions and history cannot be recreated. 

The most popular brewery in Bamberg (for bottled sales) is Fässla, followed probably by Mahr. That just speaks volumes about the lack of attention to quality. Fässla is cheap. Mahr has some kind of cool/Kult reputation that the brewery now lives off. It doesn't say a lot about the discernment of the local populace. 
             New beers? by AndyH on  2021-08-20 03:31:54