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Problems at Hebendanz?
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-01-29 10:21:05
Where was that John? Presumably, on the town side of the station? Before the main road and so more or less in the area of the bus station?

Forchheim has always struck me as an odd kind of place: it seems like the archetypical middle-class Bavarian town, a bit of a commuter area for Nuremburg/Furth (I remember a big party of Adidas people in Neder one night celebrating a birthday or something - they were all Forchheim residents), lots of quite pricey shops, etc.  But, pubs like Neder, formerly Hebendanz, Schloesle, even Greif (which is on the edge of a housing estate), but not Eichorn, are quite 'earthy'.

We got to know it resonably well after staying there twice but it seems quite an odd mixture.  Really, I suppose, it shows that we only get skin-deep into Franken in our various visits. 
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