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Problems at Hebendanz?
Posted by Jason on 2020-01-30 07:38:10
Just to throw my 2p in... John I think I recall, it's the imposing building that makes the corner. Last time I was in Forchheim before Christmas it was bordered up. I think it had been through various guises since your visit. 

I agree that there is an atmosphere there. It 'feels' like a place that has seen better days, and I think a lot of people are surprised when they see the Markt for the first time, as it's different to much of the journey from the station. Not that the journey is ugly... just a bit tired. I imagine it was quite a rich city at one time, before the trains came and the canal would have been a big income opportununity (hence the ship as Neder's logo). As oppose to Bamberg, much of which has been restored, probably due to it's UNESCO status and tourist numbers. 50 years' ago there may not have been much between the two towns. 

Sitting between Erlangen and Bamberg, with a lot of big firms in the vicinity, Forchheim would have been a cheap place to buy property. This can detract from the community as adidas, Siemans, Schaeffler etc employees with families may not be big vistors of breweries and such like. I get the sense that, as oppose to being priced out of Bamberg and Erlangen, lower income/unemployed people still live in Forchheim. This may account for the mixed clientele that makes the likes of Neder so interesting and at times raucous. Same with Faessla in Bamberg. However, when you walk up to the Kellers you can see where 'the other half' live, the houses are modern and quite expensive I recall. 

Just my feeling, no empirical data, and I'm not judging people, it's just different. I love visiting, but I couldn't live there. It has a slightly depressive air. Bamberg could be the same, but as said, there is money, and students, love or loath them, they breathe life into the city that seems lacking in Forchheim. 
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