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Problems at Hebendanz?
Posted by Jason on 2020-02-01 03:39:21
Forchheim is a town. Let's not forget it's also close to the Franconia Switzerland. Also very popular with tourists and sporting types as well as beer drinkers. 

For me the options are either Bamberg or a random village with good connections and a good Fewo. You have that now. So it's either stay there or stay in Bamberg. I also think the 'commute' maybe means you're not drinking round the clock. That's one of the dangers of Bamberg, it's so easy to have too much. 

I would just stay in Doerfleins, but that's because their Kellerbier is hands down the finest beer in Franconia. You've stayed before and I know you're not really tempted. Oberhaid is but a short stroll away though... 
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